Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dinning Chair Re-upholstery

 My dinning chairs are celebrating their 10th birthday.  I loved how easy it was to clean the white vinyl seats until they got stained so badly over the years.  The picture above actually shows a chair that is still in decent shape.  Most of the seats have been punctured and slashed by my cat who loves to jump on them.
There are many re-upholstery tutorials out there that seem pretty easy.  And most importantly, I own a staple gun and I've been waiting to try my hand at it for a long while.  This is definitely the project!
Seriously, from taking down the seat cushion, to cutting the fabric, to staple the fabric to the seat, to screwing back the seat cushion, each dinning chair takes me less then 15 minutes.  Easy and fast.  I get my kids to do all the pounding to make sure the staples are flush.  Great Spring break project with the kiddos, I'd say.
4 done.  4 more to go.
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