Friday, January 24, 2014

Tutorial: Pattern Tracing--New Trick

In my October Aha!--Pattern Tracing Options post in 2011, I mentioned about using the clear folder as pattern tracing plastic.  Well, that worked for me...mostly.  With tracing the pattern onto the plastic using permanent marker, I still needed to write pattern information on the plastic.  Although the marker has the word "permanent", the ink did not stay well.  After just one use, some of the writing would rob off.  If I had a bad day, the ink would stain my hands, too.  Then, I would need to wash my hands before handling the fabric and rewrite the pattern info. yet again.  Not fun.

So, just a few days ago, I went through this whole routine of pattern tracing, my hand got stained as expected.  I looked at the plastic and thought, there's got to be a better way.  Then, a light bulb went on!  Here is my solution:

Picture 1: New solution on the left (pattern B) vs. the old way (pattern A)
Picture 2: (old way) Tracing with permanent marker with ink robbed off.  (steps taken: trace, cut, write pattern info.)
Picture 3: (new and fast way)
You'd need: your pattern, plastic sheet, masking tape or painter's tape and a pair of scissors
a) I use painter's tape (loop it so it works as double-sided tape) to secure the pattern on the back of the plastic sheet.
b) Then cut both the plastic and the paper pattern at the same time following the pattern outline.
c) Remove the double-sided tape and secure both layers (cut plastic and paper pattern) with masking or painter's tape around the outline.

Now, you have a sturdy pattern piece with all the pattern info.!  The seam allowance wheel works smoothly with the plastic pattern, too!   Best of all, your hands and fabric stay clean!!
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