Monday, April 1, 2013

Wristlet Pouch

Hope every one had a great Easter celebrating Jesus' resurrection!  He is risen!!

A few years ago, I saw a cute puffy wristlet.  Even though I could no longer remember what it looked like, I still wanted to sew something just as cute and puffy.  All I knew was that darts on the bottom would give any pouch the puffy look.  And out came this pouch/wristlet. (I have yet to make a strap).  I like the look with the snap, but Velcro might be needed to keep small items from falling out.  On my next try, I would add piping, a pocket or a divider or choose a contrasting fabric for the flap.
Just for fun, the Hello Kitty pouch has a linen flap to break the busy pattern on the fabric.  HK makes me smile.  It's a big part of my childhood memory.  It's interesting to note that HK makes JJ sing with eyes brighten and eyebrows raised (though it's just one long note of "lah".) 
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