Friday, March 8, 2013

Behold the Power of Catnip

Lala has claimed his night time spot right next to my pillow for a long while.  While it's really sweet to cuddle, his loud happy purrs do wake me up (and hubbie is like: "honey, you're hugging the wrong guy.")  Lala has a nice cushioning bed which is rarely used.  So, I have to bring reinforcement.  As soon as I rub some catnip on the his bed, Lala is glued to the cushion, purring like there's no tomorrow.  "Don't bother me" is written all over his face.  All he needs is his bed now, not mommy.  I am cool with it.  (sniff, sniff)  Really.  I think I need a hug from my hubbie now.
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