Friday, August 5, 2011

Box That, Would You?

This was where my pin cushion used to be., sitting comfortably in the tin pail.  
But right after our cat adoption, I quickly realized the truth of the saying “curiosity kills the cat”.  Our 5 year old tabby, Lala, often accompanies me by my sewing table.  His lazy naps don’t really bother me, but his “give me some love NOW” moments are quite frightening.  He would walk around my sewing machine and rub his chubby body against anything that comes in view.  I became fearful that he might accidentally release some of the pins and poke himself.  So I had to box my pins and pin cushions.
Needless to say that boxes became necessities on my sewing table from then on.
I box my clear/rubber stamps.

I box presser feet.
I box glue tubes and misc. things.
Humm, perhaps I should have just boxed my cat?

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