Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Doggy Oversize Bag

Got this yellow upholstery fabric long ago while it was on clearance.  Never liked it as much as I thought I would.  Did manage to make several items out of it (shoulder bag, car trash bag, luggage handlesetc.) When JJ saw my new yellow fabric creation, she asked: “mommy, isn’t this your bag?  Why are you using it as a trash bag now?”  
(sorry, baby.)
Earlier last week, I took the remaining fabric out (still had more than a yard left) and thought hard.  Ah-ha, how about an oversize beach/swim-meet bag!?  And while I was at it, I remembered this blue corduroy remnant that would go with it.  Thus, this bag was born.

 This Puppy Love Applique was from here.

 The Lu’s came to Agape the other night with a bag using grommets to attach the handles.  Lu’s bag was my fuel.

 This is my version of the grommet/clip handles.  Never knew setting extra large grommets were so tiring  Next time, I am going with curtain grommets (no hammering required.  yippee.)

 Attached snaps on the side to hold the shape of the bag.

Can’t wait to put some towels in there and head to the beach.

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